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COMPREHENSIVE – A comprehensive view of SAM

Our SAM training courses encompass the entire software lifecycle, from the procurement of software, through to implementation and ultimately, the retirement and recycling of software products. Our goal is to provide you with a broad range of skills and an in-depth understanding of the key aspects of SAM, such as the key detective and preventative controls and procedures that should be established in your organisation, to monitor and manage software licence compliance effectively.  

Our Team of experts have years of experience delivering SAM projects globally. We have translated that experience into our training courses, which enable our customers to gain a greater understanding of SAM based on our proven methodologies. 


PRACTICAL – Providing useful and usable SAM knowledge

We are passionate about SAM and have created courses that engaging and include practical activities to test your understanding of the course material. Course attendees also benefit from the practical experience of our trainers, who have successfully delivered SAM projects on a variety of subjects, from SAM process improvements and software baselining projects to SAM tool implementations and Managed Services. 


INDEPENDENT – We are committed to your development

The Deloitte SAM Academy is independent from software vendors and tool providers. Your training is our priority. This philosophy has enabled us to design courses which are informative and are an open forum for discussion. We treat all discussions in our training as confidential and respect the information discussed in our courses.