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Software Asset Management’s (SAM) capacity to support various parts of a business outside of licence compliance and its traditional function is being proven increasingly, with the continual emergence of new concepts and technologies. In our experience, the benefits are far reaching especially when SAM systems and functions are well integrated into an organisation’s Operational Model. Some of these benefits are more apparent in cases where tooling, automation and SAM capability uplifts are leveraged. Conversely, an area whose benefits we have found are not so readily apparent to clients, is...

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Business data of any kind, from financial information (such as Purchase Orders, invoices, hardware and software
spend data) and technical information (server specifications, hardware components, design architecture and IP
addresses) to employee records (names and addresses) is a valuable resource within any organisation. When
analysed and used effectively, this type of data can provide an organisation with valuable mapping of trends and
provide Management Information that can be used to plan future business strategies and mitigate operational risk.
Conversely, such data may also represent an...

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For organisations seeking to mature their Software Asset Management ("SAM") capabilities, a SAM tool is typically something that is considered to support licence management. We have found, however, that whilst a SAM tool can be a powerful instrument under any SAM manager's belt, effective SAM is borne out of a combination of good people, processes and tools working in combination. 

This blog post explores the above, and suggests things you may want consider when deciding to choose and implement a SAM tool. 

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Welcome to the first post in a series of articles exploring the nature and importance of documenting processes for effective Software Asset Management (SAM) in an organisation. We will share our key tips for process design, based on our experience in a variety of industries.­­

The first process we will be looking at is the Software Request Process. A well-designed process for software requests allows individual end-users and projects to gain timely access to software for which there is a business need, while controlling cost and managing the risk of software non-compliance.

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Welcome to the second in our series of bulletins exploring Software Asset Management (“SAM”) from alternative angles. Previously, we explored the third party SAM services marketplace, the benefits and risks of using a third party SAM service provider, and highlighted how organisations can establish third party risk management practices to manage the risks of using an extended SAM supply chain. 

But what about once an organisation has entered into a third party SAM services partnership? How does an organisation monitor their third parties to confirm they are providing the services that have...

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Welcome to the first in a series of bulletins from Deloitte, focussing on exploring the practice of Software Asset Management (SAM) from alternative angles. Our aim is to provide SAM professionals and stakeholders who have an involvement in managing software usage in the Enterprise with unique and thought - provoking insights, based on our work in performing SAM projects for clients for over 20 years. 

Software Asset and Licence Management (SAM) has been an increasingly important item on the agenda of businesses for several years. The prominence of SAM in an organisation’s IT function has...

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