The Deloitte SAM Academy

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We want to meet this requirements also in Software Asset Management (SAM).

The current practice of the software manufacturers, including in terms of their approach to ensure compliance with the licensing regulations, provides companies the requirement continually to create transparency about the current use of license rights, as well as the software assets. Even worse, that software license management is a cross-cutting discipline, the works council has an important role in addition to shopping, IT, taxes, controlling and accounting. Contract negotiations are for the transparency with regard to technical and commercial stocks, as well as reliable plan sizes of importance.

The existing license management practice is often no longer meet the requirements to the complexity and dynamics of the subject. Against this background, the professionalization of software license management moves increasingly in the focus of each IT management. It aims to minimize legal risks and to optimize the exploitation of software assets.

With the Deloitte SAM Academy you will find the answer to current challenges in the software license management. With the Deloitte SAM Academy, we are setting standards for the establishment of standardized and sustainable software license management methods. For this purpose we offer open and in-house training, where we provide methods and concepts related to practice.

Our training reflects the procurement and implementation of the entire royalty life cycle from planning through to shutting down the software products. We consider the contributions of all responsible stakeholders in your company – with a special focus on IT management, IT operations, software contract management, purchasing, legal department and controlling. Our SAM experts provide expertise that gives you the opportunity to address all the issues in the project and to implement successfully. In addition to the open training at our sites we also offer customized in-house training. The Deloitte SAM Academy allows you through proven and tested concepts and methods in addition to establish a permanent professional license management know-how within the company as well as the SAM practice in companies to gradually develop and expand.