SAP – Licensing of SAP software

Experience how you can correctly license the SAP soft-ware you are using according to the requirements of the contract.

SAP software plays an important role in the entrepreneurial everyday life, espe-cially as an ERP-solution. But also industry specific modules, additional products as well as increasingly cloud solutions and HANA are a big part of the IT budget.

Accordingly it is important to ensure a proper SAP software licensing (compliance) within the company. At the same time the economic optimization of the SAP usage becomes a focal point.



  • Product overview
    • Products and solutions of SAP
    • Operating model: on premise and cloud
  • Contractual form
    • Overview of SAP license and service contracts
    • Typical contract components
  • Components of licensing
    • Licensing of classic/on premise products
    • SAP support contracts
    • Licensing of cloud products
  • System measurement and result reporting
    • Tools and procedure of system measurement
    • Recommendations concerning the system measurement

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