Oracle – Licensing of Oracle software

Learn how to efficiently and correctly make use of your Oracle software in accordance to Oracle’s licensing regulations (with a focus on database and application server products).

Licensing in an the Oracle database environment has become very complex and this is due to the variety of Oracle products, changing license metrics and changing licensing requirements. For an efficient use of these products the responsible people must deal with sophisticated license models and regulations. This is very complicated due to continuous change of data base infrastructure as well as the technologies used for virtualization and high availability. 

We introduce you to the Oracle licensing basics and present different Oracle contract models. Through selected licensing scenarios we provide an insight into typical application fields. We finally end this training through the introduction of a standardized process, within a license review framework.

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  • Get to know the basics to correctly license Oracle data bases and application server products

  • Gain a deep understanding about the elements of a license review

  • Process, benchmark and discuss typical licensing scenarios



  • Oracle’s contractual principles
    • Components of a licensing agreement
    • Licensing documentation
    • Oracle contract types
  • Oracle licensing basics
    • Oracle license types
    • License metrics
    • License calculations based on practical examples
    • Database editions and options
    • Maintenance and support regulations
    • Matching service level
    • License migration and upgrades
    • Oracle licensing specifics
  • Technical and commercial data base survey and inventory
    • Overview of the ways to measure hardware / software key characteristics
    • Use of script based data gathering, alternative compilation methods and tools
    • Overview of the contractual analysis
    • Overview of the license assessment
    • Practicale examples for data collections in complex server environments and experience reports of customer projects
  • License balancing
    • Creation, interpretation and benchmarking of license balances on the basis of the presented architecture examples within the different license models
    • Preparation for the contract negotiations with Oracle

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