Microsoft – Licensing of Microsoft software

Achieve comprehensive knowledge on the license regulations for Microsoft software and licensing programs.

Due to the ever increasing complexity and variety of license agreements - especially those for Microsoft software products, obtaining a comprehensive knowledge on these current license programs and applicable terms of use is unavoidable.

The knowledge of the actual demand for Microsoft products and of the organization’s IT strategy is the basis for negotiating an optimal license contract with Microsoft.

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  • Achieve a complete overview of the actual Microsoft product licensing

  • Get to know the content of all actual licensing kinds and services



  • Microsoft product licensing basics
    • The license models in the Microsoft Volume License Programs  
    • Licensing of Microsoft applications  
    • Licensing of desktop-operating Systems
    • Licensing of server products with server/CAL model
    • SQL Server/CAL license model and processor 
    • Microsoft licensing programs basics
      • Options for procurement of Microsoft software and services  
      • Microsoft’s hybrid strategy: software plus service
      • Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription  
      • Select Plus License and Software Assurance
      • Software Assurance Services
      • Open Value and Open License
      • Transfer of licenses/sub-licensing
      • Individual licenses compared: FPP, System Builder, OEM 

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