IBM – Licensing of IBM software

Experience how you can correctly license the IBM software you are using according to the requirements of the contract.

Learn how to correctly license the IBM software you are using to fit the requirements of the contract.
The IBM software licensing is a challenge for customers due to its complex license metrics, the variety of license conditions and the large number of contract conditions.

To ensure a proper IBM software licensing within the company it is necessary to have experiences with the contractual basis as well as the license models and terms of use for server- and client software. Besides the IT strategy, this knowledge is an important basis for contract negotiations and contract design with IBM.

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  • Get to know licensing basics of IBM software within dedicated and virtualized environments as well as their contractual fundamentals

  • Receive a requirements overview regarding commercial and technical IBM data acquisition

  • Learn to create your own license balance



  • Business Fundamentals
    • IBM contract fundamentals (International Program License Agreement, Passport Advantage, Subcapacity Agreement)
    • IBM license models (PVU,Authorised User Value Unit, Resource Value Unit,etc.)
    • Licensing of selected IBM software (Spectrum Protect, WAS, Lotus Domino, DB2, MQ)
    • Recording and preparation of contract and licensing data
  • Technical Fundamentals
    • Requirements definition regarding the technical recording of IBM software
    • Elaboration of models for technical data provisioning models
  • Creation of an IBM license balance
    • Challenges while creating an IBM software license balance
    • Balancing procedures
    • Learn to interpret balancing results

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