IBM ILMT – Tool Training

Get to know the basics for the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).

The licensing model and contractual requirements of the software manufacturer IBM keep companies in motion. In addition to changing licensing models, the installation of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is mandatory for organizations that want to license the virtual capacity (sub capacity) of their infrastructure.
Due to an increased workspace virtualization, companies must engage in this subject and must make decisions as to whether ILMT should be used or their infrastructure should be adapted in order to avoid the implementation of ILMT.

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  • Get to know the most important basics about the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), including its working method and functions.

  • This training will also assist companies in acquiring ILMT knowledge and determine whether ILMT is needed for their day-to-day work.



  • Why ILMT?
    • Overview of the sub-capacity licensing of IBM
    • Requirements of IBM to use the sub-capacity licensing and fulfilment of LMOs
  • How does the ILMT tool work?
    • Working method of ILMT
    • Technology and system requirements
    • Handling of hardware and software inventory
  • Integration of ILMT in company structures
    • ILMT architecture
    • Procedural requirement to ensure the fulfillment of requirements of sub-capacity licensing of ILMT
    • Usage and expenses
  • Evaluation of the ILMT results
    • Types of reports
    • Review of the hardware and software inventory
    • Classification and integration of ILMT into the existing SAM tool landscape

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