Adobe – Licensing of Adobe software

License your Adobe software usage as it is defined within the contractual borders.

Since it was launched in 1982 Adobe Systems Incorporated focuses on applications regarding the digital image processing (pre-press stage, PostScript, PDF). Due to the takeover of Macromedia in 2005 and other software vendors since 2005 Adobe is continuously rated as one of the world’s largest 20 software companies. 

Adobe’s market strategy includes many target groups because of its large range of products containing segments like image processing, pre-printing and internet technologies designed for private users as well as business key accounts.

Since spring 2013 Adobe has intensified its efforts to establish their new license model in the market. The recent sales model will be changed into a rent model. This will lead to an increasing number of license reviews and presentation of new contract models to medium-sized companies and key accounts.

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  • Get to know Adobe’s software licensing and contractual basics

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the differences between Adobe’s rent and sales model 

  • Optimal preparation for discussions and negotiations with Adobe based on various customer scenarios





  • Review SAM Basic
    • Basic knowledge of Software Asset Management
  • The transition of the Adobe licensing model – Differences between sale and rent
      • Introduction to differences and similarities between the sales and rent model from different perspectives 
        • Business perspective: Adobe brands and product portfolio
        • Technical perspective: Deployment, update and registration
        • Commercial perspective: Contracts, procurement, licensing, costs
  • Assessment of the Adobe Cloud
      • Elaborate a common evaluation of the new rent model
  • Contractual design
    • Relevant Facts for strategic decisions, contract negotiations and Adobe´s Audit practise
  • Excursion – technical implementation
      • Information about the implementation and adaption of the infrastructure
      • References on the subjects software provisioning, software packaging and distribution


Hint: Explanations of Adobe’s specific features and application are not part of this training.

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