SAM Open Source - legal and regulatory requirements

Get to know the necessary legal basis regarding the handling of Open Source Software and its usage in Software Asset Management (SAM).

The usage of Open Source Software (OSS) is very common for enterprises. How-ever, OSS products are not license-free, a number of legal requirements have to be fulfilled regarding the respective license conditions of a GPL, LGPL, Apache etc. The Copyleft effect needs special attention, if self-developed software is finally released as OSS. The training addresses the legal aspects for the deployment of OSS and provides tips on how to organize the usage of OSS products in an estab-lished license management.

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  • Get to know the legal basics including paragraphs as well as possible utilization

  • Consider the intern and extern basis for liabilitys while dealing with software and software licenses

  • Learn how to set-up a governance concept within a company

  •  Understand how to communicate personal liability risks to the affected entities



  • Legal basis for handling Open Source Software
    • Copyright basics - when do I need a license?
    • Legal aspects of Open Source Software
    • Focus: The Copyleft effect: Requirements and legal consequences
    • Liability of the management and the user
  • Different licensing types of Open Source Software
    • generally Public License (GPL) 2.0 & 3.0
    • GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL) 3.0
    • Apache 2.0
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) for Open Source Software
    • Aspects of SAM Governance
    • Internal rules regarding deployment and usage of OSS products
    • License management processes for Open Source Software, e.g. determina-tion of the actual, licensing relevant software usage
    • Defining the responsibilities and roles for SAM

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