SAM Rollout - Moving SAM projects into the line organization

Support the successful implementation of Software Asset and License Management by effective project management in your organization.

If the implementation of a SAM organization is initially carried out in a project organization then there are not only the challenges in the organizational development but also SAM specific pittfals. In order to support the successful SAM implementation, proven methods and documents are practically processed along typical project steps or activities.

Important elements for the achievement of the SAM project goals are the conceptual preparation, the project planning for the technical and commercial parts, close monitoring and control during the actual project execution as well as the stakeholder communication about SAM

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  • Learn practical approaches to implement the SAM organization as well as the planning of typical SAM activities

  • Get to know project progress monitoring as well as analysing methods to discover deviations from the plan on a work packages level

  • Learn the systematic structuring of a target group oriented project communication



  • SAM basic principles
    • SAM goals
    • License balance
  • Challenges of a SAM project
    • Typical SAM triggers and SAM preconditions
    • Interfaces
  • Implementing a SAM organization
    • Typical project phases and activities
    • Roll-out planning
  • SAM Stakeholders
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Communications plan
  • SAM project organization 
    • Participants and decision makers
    • Project committee
  • SAM project control and added value
    • Estimating Project cost and deadlines
    • Project progress and budget consumption
    • SAM added value reportingSAM operations and project goals
    • Review of project goals
    • Transition into the line organization

Recommendation for further training

Expert Know-how

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Using third parties for line operations

Get to know the conceptual, legal and commercial facets of outsourcing Software Asset Management (SAM) processes.

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SAM Pooling:
Transfering unused software licenses

Design of corporate internal software license transfers on an international level as well as models to correctly allocate software costs internally.

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SAM Business Case:
Assessing the value proposition

How to present value propositions of the Software Asset Management which facilitate identification, quantification and management of your own SAM situation.

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SAM Legal:
Understanding legal and regulatory requirements

Get to know the necessary legal basics and requirements for Software Asset and License Management. Besides this, you will also learn more about the current legal situation of “used software” and “Cloud Computing”.