SAM Pooling – Preconditions and cost allocation methods

Design of corporate internal software license transfers on an international level as well as methods to correctly allocate license costs internally.

Transferring licenses within the company aims both, ensuring licensing compliance and the optimization of license costs. Therefore it is possible to follow either a centralized or a decentralized pooling approach.

To achieve the desired goals, it is necessary to also involve teams (or specialists) from the procurement and inventory management in addition to the operational license transfer.

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  • You will learn how to set up a software pool

  • Get to know pooling models and methods as well as organizational assumptions, basic conditions and the differences between centralized or decentralized pooling approaches

  • Learn aspects about the license costs allocation – especially in an international context – while considering legal permitted pricing models



  • Pooling of software licenses
    • Definition and goals
    • Configuration elements
    • Pooling models and methods
    • Preconditions, constraints
    • Implementation approach
    • Practical examples
    • Allocation of license costs
        • Definition and goals
        • Software procurement
        • Cost allocation models
        • Pricing methods
        • Legal and tax requirements
        • Implementation approach
        • Practical examples

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