SAM Managed Services – Outsourcing of SAM services

Get to know the strategic, conceptual and commercial aspects of outsourcing Software Asset Management (SAM) processes.

The area of Software Asset and License Management usually is not a core activity of a company. More than ever outsourcing of Software Asset and License Management services has become a relevant topic for the IT-management, in order to gain improved functionality, more efficient processes, greater security through increased transparency, compliance, and last but not least considerable cost savings across the entire IT- unit.

But what can outsourcing really accomplish? Which factors determine the outsourcing of SAM? How to identify potential outsourcing activities and processes? What preconditions have to be fulfilled so that certain SAM services can be outsourced at all? Do proven solutions exist for every size of companies?

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  • Get to know the fundamental concepts and principles on SAM outsourcing – motivation, influencing factors, objectives and outsourcing categories.

  • Identify SAM service candidates for outsourcing and their potential as well as development of an understanding of the different organizational roles.

  • Get to know procedures to develop an individual SAM outsourcing portfolio and its consequences on the company’s standard operations.  

  • Consider opportunities to manage outsourcing service providers, regarding the selection of the service provider, remuneration models, measurability of the delivered services.



  • Definition and constraints of SAM outsourcing
    • What preconditions have to be fulfilled in order to outsource SAM activities?
      Determination of the dependency between SAM maturity level and outsourcing option
    • What are the reasons for outsourcing ( motivating factors)?
    • What range of activities is a primary target for outsourcing, i.e. are easier to be outsourced compared to others?
    • What range of activities is a primary target for outsourcing, i.e. are easier to be outsourced compared to others?
    • Which controlling functions will remain in-housetern, even in an entirely outsourced scenario?
    • What is an outsourcing portfolio?
  • Definition of outsourcing portfolio
    • Presentation of outsourcing scenarios by of a number case studies:
      • Identify optional outsourcing activities
      • Evaluate if activities are suitable for outsourcing
      • Define scope
      • Create scenarios
    • Impacts on the regular daily operations
  • Design of SAM outsourcing
    • Requirements definition for service providers
    • Presentation of different pricing modells
    • Selection of the right partner
    • Efficient management of service providers and services

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