SAM Business Case - Value Propositions of SAM

Learn about various approaches how to present value propositions of the Software Asset Management which facilitate identification, quantification and management of your own SAM situation.

Often the detected violation against license agreements or reports of an internal audit initiate the company’s first Software Asset Management projects. As such a project easily requires a 6-digit budget, a preliminary study during the approval phase could identify the value added by Software Asset Management as well as the additional effort for the company. Therefore comprehensive presentation of the expected benefits as well as a procedure to monitor the added value are essential requirements to authorize the project.

Consequently this training is addressing participants who are confronted with a company-wide Software Asset Management introduction or with the set-up of the necessary technical infrastructure (e.g. SAM Tools).

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  • Identification and estimation of the expected added value by SAM

  • Description of the approach to achive value added

  • Definition of measuring methods to determine the added value

  • Learn to prepare data in a management orientated presentation



  • Value added by Software Asset Management (SAM)
    • Presentation of SAM objective categories
    • Elaboration of potential added values by SAM
    • Presentation of project examples
  • The SAM business case
    • Effort estimates for introducing and operating SAM
    • Estimation of the expected added value
    • Summarizing the business case
  • Evaluation and reporting
    • Evaluation procedure
    • Define possible measurements and objectives for the added value
    • Preparation and representation of the reached added value
  • SAM marketing
    • Preparation of a management oriented business case
    • Internal marketing and selling of a SAM project

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