SAM Audit – Structuring Software Vendor Audits

Experience the different approaches to achieve legal security in the area of Software Asset and License Management.

One of the main goals of Software Asset and License Management is achieving a legal compliance.

Compliance has to be assured internally and externally towards the software manufacturers. Compliance requires effective processes, roles and solid inventories.

How far is your companies "compliance readiness - Audit readiness" progressed?

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  • Presentation of approaches and experiences in the case of audits

  • Establish fundamentals in order to successfully prepare audits

  • Get to know the different audit phases and learn how to manage them

  • Complinace - Understand the terms and regulations



  • Overview and Definition of the term "audit"
    • Audit definition
    • Legal foundation
    • Typical manufacturer audit approaches - from "self audit" to "hard audit"
  • Manufacturer audit phases: getting to the result in six steps
    • Assessment
    • Planning
    • Compilation
    • Analysis
    • Settlement
    • Review
  • Overview and Definition of the term "compliance"
    • Relevant legal areas
    • Compliance regulations in Germany
    • License compliance

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