SAM Baseline IV – Licensing of Mobile Devices

In this training course you will gain an overview of the essential Software Asset Management stumbling blocks of the next generation mobile devices.

In today’s technology driven world, smartphones and tablets are essential to the way we transact in day-to-day business. The software that is used on these devices has to be licensed according to the specified license conditions of the software manufacturers as well. Even though many companies can handle the software installations and related licenses for the traditional "old fashioned" assets (desktop, laptop and server) very well, the license management for the devices of the new generation constitutes a new level of complexity for them. Besides the classic license management activities, such as collecting software installation and the related license assets, new aspects become relevant. For example, IT security and legal aspects (e.g. unclear ownership of the devices).

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  • Get to know the terminology regarding Mobile Devices and Apps

  • Identify the need of SAM governance for dealing with Mobile Devices

  • Understand the challenges of the software life cycle from the determination of requirements to the re-use of licenses and software



  • Next-generation Devices
    • Definition of terms and link to other Software Asset Management disciplines
    • Discussion of technological trends for next-generation devices
  • Software Life-Cycle
    • Demonstration of pitfalls when using next-generation devices
    • Presentation of necessary action areas for companies
  • Solution approaches within the current action areas
    • Field of action 1: Policies and rules
    • Field of action 2: SAM organization and SAM processes
    • Field of action 3: Data collection and analysis
    • Field of action 4: Use of tools
  • Integration of mobile Software Asset Management process and technologies into the company
    • Determine the Software Asset Management maturity level
    • Opportunities to build-up a next-generation SAM framework

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