SAM Baseline III – SAM for cloud computing

Experience which legal, technical and organizational aspects you should take into account related with cloud computing.

Besides the virtualization of servers and clients, cloud computing is one of the most important trends in many enterprises. The training provides an overview of the offers from different manufacturers. We take a closer look at the impacts of the usage of cloud computing concerning the processes of Software Asset Management.

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  • Get to know an overview of the different cloud services

  • Understand the effects of using cloud services on the core processes of SAM

  • Get an overview of the legal impacts of the cloud usage



  • Definitions and terminology
    • Cloud deployment models: Private cloud, public cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud
    • Cloud service models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS 
  • Definition and explanation of cloud, public cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud
    • Private cloud scenario: on-site / off-site
    • Community cloud scenario: on-site / off-site
    • Public cloud scenario
    • Hybrid cloud scenario
  • SaaS in the cloud
    • Advantages / disadvantages
    • Recommendations
    • Practical experiences
  • Quick overview of software vendors
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
    • Google
    • Oracle
    • IBM
  • Derivation of strategic and operational requirements in the enterprise
    • Strategy
    • Operations
    • SAM irganization, roles and processes

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