SAM Baseline II – SAM in virtual environments

In this training course you will get to know the legal aspects of correctly license your virtual infrastructure compliant to the software manufacturer regulations.

Virtualization technologies such as VMware, Citrix or PowerVM increasingly characterize the image of today’s IT-infrastructures and offer several advantages compared to physical systems. What has to be considered when using licenses within virtual systems? How many licenses would you need if you use your IT partly in a virtual environment, possibly in addition to your physical instances?

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  • Get to know licensing of virtual environments within a legal framework

  • Consideration of current license metrics from Oracle, IBM, VMware and Microsoft



  • Virtualization – an overview
    • Definition of terms and link to other Software Asset Management disciplines
    • Impact of software usage in virtual environments on technical inventory
  • Licensing of virtual environments with vendors like 
    • Oracle
    • IMB (ILMT)
    • VMware
    • Microsoft

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