Training Curriculum

The license management trainings of the Deloitte SAM Academy are divided into three levels: Essential know-how, Advanced know-how and Expert know-how. We provide profound Software Asset Management trainings, thus establishing the foundation of professional Software Asset Management.
Establish coordinated SAM processes and be prepared for possible software audits. Take advantage of our SAM certifications for Software Asset Managers.

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  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Expert

In our Essential trainings we convey the basic principles with the course being specifically tailored for members of staff who are new to Software Asset Management or who simply want to gain a general overview; to increase their own awareness of existing interrelationships and then take these into consideration within their specific area of responsibility.

The Advanced training covers the topics from our Basic training at detailed level to enable the attendees to address the topics within their company in a direct and practical way.

In our Expert trainings we provide the knowledge a license manager needs for his day-to-day business, based on the SAM Basic and Advanced know-how. The trainings comprise questions regarding operating efficiency - outsourcing, pooling, value propositions and project management, compliance as well as legal and vendor specific aspect of licensing.

Training program 2018

Training program 2019


Foundation Training

License & Software Asset Manager

SAM Basic

The 360° overview

Licensing Essentials

Overview of major software vendors

SAM Master Class

Becoming a certified SAM professional

D.SAM certification

SAM Advanced

Applying the manager’s perspective


Structuring SW vendor audits


Outsourcing of SAM Services

Transferring unused software license

Assessing the value proposition

Moving SAM projects into the line organization

License Compliance Expert

Software Vendor Expert

SAM Baseline I

Analyzing the licensing situation

SAM Baseline II

SAM in virtual environments

SAM Baseline III

SAM for cloud computing

SAM Baseline IV

Licensing of mobile devices

License requirements and -models as well as vendor tools

Software Contract Expert

SAM Contract

Management of software license contracts

SAM Open Source

Legal and regulatory requirements