SAM Master Class – Becoming a certified SAM professional

This training addresses key SAM controls and activities from a management, operational and supporting per-spective and focuses on the organizational integration of SAM into the overall IT landscape.

An effective and efficient SAM function comprises all of the operational elements and activities required to obtain the current licensing status as well as governance controls and managerial tools to effectively manage SAM. The management level of SAM defines the optimal structure for SAM in the organization and the design areas of priority for the business. Handling the tiered dependencies of SAM will challenge the organization with a variety of new tasks which require specific and comprehensive knowledge.


Optional certification:  "Deloitte Certified Software Asset Manager" (D.SAM)

The training will be conducted in English.

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  • Gain knowhow on managing the organizational and technical integration of SAM based on reference models and best practice solutions

  • Identify main aspects for the establishment of a comprehensive SAM:

    • Lifecycle orientated processes at Software Asset Management
    • Software Asset Management structure and design areas
    • Special topics of Software Asset Management


  • Get prepared for the examination "Deloitte certified Software Asset Manager" (D.SAM)



  • Life-cycle oriented processes at Software Asset Management
    • ISO 19770 – the standard for SAM
    • Approach of baseline compilation
    • Technical and commercial data collection 
    • Dealing with software and licenses that cannot be inventoried
    • Understanding of license types and license metrics (also in virtual environments) 
  • Software Asset Management structure and design areas
    • SAM objectives, scope and principles
    • SAM processes, roles and organization
    • SAM data and tool management
  • Special topics of Software Asset Management
    • SAM value proposition
    • Software license pooling 
    • Software cost management
    • SAM outsourcing
    • Software vendor audit

Recommendation for further training

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Advanced Know-how

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