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Training curriculum

We offer all required Software Asset Management training courses which are necessary for license managers at daily business.

Open training

Choose a training from our curriculum. The training courses take place at our Deloitte locations.

In-house training

Choose a training from our curriculum. The training courses take place at your company.

Individual training

Choose a topic and compile your specific training. The training courses take place at your company or at our locations.


Upcoming training courses


SAM Basic – The 360° overview

Get an overview of the key elements required for a comprehensive and effective Software Asset Management.


SAP – Licensing of SAP software

Experience how you can correctly license the SAP soft-ware you are using according to the requirements of the contract.

Here you can find the training dates for 2018 at our locations in Germany at a glance.

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SAM certification

Chose the certification suitable for your know-how. You may find information here regarding the certification by Deloitte of by TÜV Rheinland.



Marcelle Kristen-Dechamps

Deloitte SAM Academy

Marcelle Kristen-Dechamps

Mail: info(at)


...Seldom have I come across and attended such a consistently designed License Management training. The content had been very well put together and for this training pitched exactly at the intended target audience.

The change between the transfer of the subject matter and the practical teamwork was didactically well chosen and very well incorporated within the training modules. Speaking from many years of experience in establishing a company-wide License Management in our corporation, I was able to identify reference points to each of the topics, which made the training into an interesting excursion.

The instructors conveyed the problem areas of License Management stimulatingly and with an element of excitement, during the training...

Dipl. Ing. Mirko Rentner, Divisions-Lizenzmanager GHS and Deutschland, T-Systems International GmbH


A number of employees from our company have among other things attended one of the Oracle-Advanced Training courses that were held in the offices of the SAM Academy, as well as on one of the exclusive in-house courses on the topic of IBM.

The respective instructors were notably competent and responded intensively to our specific requirements. The know-how transfer was very good and comprehensible. The practical exercises assist in the daily application of the knowledge gained. Organising the training dates was done in a professional and flexible manner, and the course atmosphere was very constructive.

I highly recommend these training course to anyone who wants to improve his / her skills in the area of License Management...

Silke Stahn, Manager License-Management, arvato Systems GmbH