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Training Courses

The SAM Academy training courses offer three levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert training. We can also adapt our training curriculum if there are additional topics you require support and training on.
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Expert

In our SAM Basic training we discuss the basic principles of SAM. We have tailored the Basic course for people who are new to Software Asset Management or who simply want to gain a general overview of SAM, or to increase their knowledge of SAM.

Our Advanced SAM Academy training examines in greater detail, a number of topics covered in our Basic training.  Attendees are introduced to key SAM controls and processes concepts for application within their organisations.

Our expert training course is designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of experienced SAM professionals enabling them to be even more effective in their daily business. The course examines outsourcing, software pooling, value propositions and project management and compliance in SAM, as well as legal and manufacturer specific aspects of licensing and audit cases.

We also offer customised training and tailored workshops based on your requirements. Contact us for more details.

Training program 2018

Dates 2017

Basic Advanced Expert

Foundation Training

Licence & Software Asset Manager













SAM Basic Training


The 360° overview













SAM Advanced Training


Applying the manager’s perspective



SAM Audit Training


Structuring SW vendor audits

Efficiency (coming soon)




  • SAM Pooling (Reassigning  unused software licences)
  • SAM Rollout (How to implements SAM within your organisation)



Licence Compliance Training

Software Vendor Expert Training

SAM Baseline Training


SAM in virtual environments




Coming Soon:


     SAM for cloud computing


     SAM for mobile device management

Licence requirements and -models as well as vendor tool training


Adobe Licensing Training 


Microsoft Licensing Training


Oracle Licensing Training


SAP Licensing Training


IBM ILMT Training




More vendor specific courses are available on demand.  Please contact us for further information.